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Serving Roswell, Georgia, 30075, Fulton

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Before working with any shredding service, we suggest you take time to learn about their policies, charges and other details about their service.

Below, we offer some tips that can help you connect with the service that will best fit your needs.

Document shredding companies usually provide 2 types of service:

Scheduled Pick-up – This is the most stress-free method of dealing with your shredding needs. They will provide you with containers you can place in key areas around the office. Employees can simply throw all documents that will need shredding into these containers. On your regularly scheduled pick-up day, the service will come by and remove the containers full of paper for shredding.

One-Time Purge – This involves a one-time pick up of all papers including sensitive documents that require shredding.

Information About Ongoing Service Containers

If an ongoing shredding service will best suit your needs, the shredding company will drop off large containers at your office or building for your employees to use. Shredding services offer locked containers for confidential documents. On your scheduled pick-up day, the off-site shredding company will come by your office and pick up your containers full of papers for shredding.

Containers with lockable options include the following:

Console – Will hold around 100 pounds of confidential documents.

Off site shredding services console to hold confidential papers

A 64-gallon container – Will hold around 250 pounds of confidential documents.

A 64-gallon container – to hold confidential papers to be shredded

In order to get a reliable quote for lockable containers, you should specify the type of container and number of each type needed in your office.

If you’re not sure about what you will need, then ask to speak to their confidential paper shredding specialist. Shredding companies have employees on staff who can help you decide. You will have the option of changing the number of containers whenever you need to.

With most off-site shredding services, you can schedule pickups on a weekly basis or even have them removed every 30, 60 or 90 days depending upon your needs. Speak to your confidential paper shredding specialist if you need help deciding on the best scheduling options.

Most off-site confidential document shredding companies offer monthly agreements with no long-term contracts.

Some common ways you can store the paper and how it is handled on the day of the pickup.

Small Box – 10.5 inches (height) X 12 inches (width) X 15 inches (depth) Weight: approximately 35 lbs per box. Most offices have these boxes lying around that can be used for discarding papers.

Small box that holds confidential papers waiting be too shredded.

Large Box – 10.5 inches (height) X 12 inches (width) X 24 inches (depth) Weight: approximately 55 lbs per box. Large boxes may work better for your office needs. Just set the boxes in convenient spots around the office. The shredding service will come and remove the entire box and shred everything in it for you.

Large box of paper to be shredded.

Gaylord – A Gaylord is a large container that must be moved with a forklift. These work well for businesses that have unusually large amounts of paper to discard each day. When the truck arrives from the shredding service, you simply have a forklift operator load the Gaylord onto their truck. If you do not have a forklift, please let the service know so they can make other arrangements to gather your confidential papers.

Gaylord size container of paper waiting to be shredded.

Pallets of paper – If you have a pallet of paper or enough boxes to fill a pallet, these can either be forklifted onto the truck or hand loaded for off-site shredding. If the pallet is to be forklifted onto their truck, please shrink-wrap the pallet.

Filing cabinet – If you have papers in a filing cabinet and want to shred everything inside, let the shredding service know and they will remove the files from the filing cabinet and take them to be shredded.

On a shelf – Some companies just stack their sensitive documents on a shelf in the file room. Let the shredding service know if you are doing this so they can bring containers with them on the pickup day.

Loose paper – Loose papers are easily taken care of, but be sure to let the shredding service know so they can bring containers with them.

Protect Yourself!

Shredding your documents eliminates the possibility of both identity theft and a lawsuit.

Organizations and businesses in the banking, educational and medical fields regularly use secure document shredding services because it saves them time and money. Even small businesses and private individuals can take advantage of an off-site shredding service.

Along with confidential papers, off-site shredding services can also handle documents that have binder clips, paperclips, rubber bands, staples and other paper-binding items. Don’t waste your valuable time removing these items prior to shredding.

Legal Documents

All legal documents should be shredded before being disposed of. You don’t want documents like this to fall into the wrong hands. Save money and time by letting an off-site document shredding service do the job for you.

Questions to Ask Every Shredder

Learn all you can about an off-site shredding company you are about to hire. Make sure they are licensed to operate and will comply with all legal requirements. Always ask for proof of insurance and find out if they are bonded.

These days, it’s easy to verify a company’s information online. Ask for references and make sure their employees have passed a criminal background check.

Shredding companies nowadays recycle the paper once it has been shredded.

Commercial shredders can handle over 4,000 pounds of paper per hour.

Did you know that you could be putting yourself or your business at risk by simply throwing documents into the trash? Every day across America, thousands of people are targeted by identity thieves.

Thieves know what they need and where to look in order to get their hands on key pieces of identifying information. The best determent is to shred all your documents and that’s where Off Site Shredding comes in.

Stack Of Paper In To This Shredded Paper



Serving Roswell, Georgia, 30075, Fulton



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